About Us

 Goldreeds Associates Sdn Bhd

Is a young multi-disciplined interior architecture based practice servicing exclusively corporate accounts from multi-national corporations to small enterprises. We Prefer to work with our clients as partners seeking same business objectives and  expectations.Once core competency is mainly interior project execution services, from projects management, space planning, interior design consultant and ID contractor. We also add value by providing advisory services, strategic and projects basic, such as acquisition, maintenance and disposal of rea estate from an interior planning and design perspective.

Goldreeds Associates is continually evolving to meet the exacting of our clients. We strive to sustain professional resources and acceptable standard of services to deliver project.

Our approach is to establish a full understanding of all elements affecting your needs both present and future. Anything will cause change are carefully addressed, assessed, identified and posibility scenariose are modeled to ensure your requirements will be designed to manimize alteration costs over time.

Goldreeds Associates also analyzes our clients's needs of future workplace and space strategies for their impact on the overall premises portfolio. We have the tools and skills to help you develop a multi-year facility plan within the context of your long term business destination.

Goldreeds Associates integrate client requirements, specifications and needs with advanced strategies and design that are flexible, technology responsive and quickly delivered at the right budget and appropriare quality level. Besides, we are focused on maximizing our client's investment in their premises and the people they serve by providing services that add value to that investment.